Founder of TheĀ 10hr $10k Work Month

My step-by-stepĀ Framework will teach you how to create a work-life balance that enables you to work 10hrs a month and generate over six figures.

The hustle and grind is overrated, we've advanced past that, this is the digital age. We can now find high-paying clients, outsource the work, and streamline with Ai. Forget being Workaholics, we've started the AntiWorkaholic movement!

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I'm Laura Anderson

Hi I’m Laura, and I hate working, but I like money.

Believe it or not, I recently had a baby and was able to maintain my regular workload and 6 figure+ income throughout my entire pregnancy and even immediately after my sweet little bebe was born. I’ve set up a business that allows me to make good money while working the bare minimum (The literal dream right!?). We’ve all heard of the 4hr work week… well even that still felt like too much work for me, I’m working about 10hrs a month while consistently generating well over $10k.

This framework I created can be is EASILY replicated and can work for just about anyone with the right guidance!


"Working with Laura has changed my life. I’m only 2 months in and already getting clients!"

- Lisa Marino

"Last year, I had no income coming through the door and no digital skill. In only a couple of months, I was able to start my own profitable consulting business!"

- Mike Bayaud

"From a stay at home mom with no work, to a thriving freelance gig that lets me outsource the work so I barely work and stay home with my family! Thank you, Laura!"

- Rebecca Latley

7 Day Weekend Podcast!

From self-proclaimed "anti-workaholic" Laura Anderson comes a brand new podcast called "The 7- Day Weekend," your weekly dose of business, finance, and side hustle motivation.Ā 


What is The 10hr $10k Work Month Course?

This course teaches you the EXACT framework that I use that has been tried, tested, and proven by others on how to build a consulting business where you outsource the work and streamline with Ai. Allowing you to work minimum hours while earning MAXIMUM income! It's an #AntiWorkAholic Movement!

Learn a digital skill

Don't have a digital skill to use for this framework? Don't worry I'll teach you one. And show you how easy it is with chatgpt Ai

Position yourself as an expert

I will teach you and show you how to position yourself as an expert in your skill and become an authority in your industry

Book clients and outsource the work

I will teach you how to book high-paying clients and show you how to outsource the work and automate with Ai


The 10hr $10k Work Month Introduction

Kickstart your Antiworkaholic lifestyle with an introductory video on how to take a digital skill, market yourself as an expert in your craft to garner high-paying clients, and outsource+automate the work so you're sittin' pretty enjoying life!


Is the 10HR $10K Work Month for you?

Do you think working a 9-5 SUCKS?

9 to 5's are literally the death of me. I worked hard for myself to create a profitable life outside of a 9 to 5 and I'm excited to share the framework so others can escape this the 9 to 5 life too.

Don't have a degree?

Didn't get a degree? Guess what, ME EITHER! Didn't stop me and it won't stop you either. In fact, what I teach you isn't even something you can major in. 

And these skills I teach in the course pay BIG!

Do you want a better work-life balance?

And by better I mean, 90% life and 10% work. Now THAT'S what I call balance! With outsourcing and automation with Ai you can work the bare minimum with maximum payout!

Do you enjoy Freedom?

This is the best part for me. Working wherever and whenever I want. To me this is the ultimate freedom, and it's actually attainable, even if you're fully a beginner.