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The 10hr $10k Work Month

Why take the stairs when you can take the elevator? Let me help you fast-track your 10hr $10k Work Month!


Limited time ONLY to receive Email Marketing AND Tax bonus FREE! 



  • Full in-depth course to take you from the ground up in your 10hr $10k Work Month. You'll learn how to take a Digital Skill, how to market/position yourself to attract and close high-paying clients, AND how to outsource the work and streamline it with Ai/chatgpt so you're sittin' pretty making money while hardly working. This course is also AT YOUR OWN PACE, the modules are self-guided videos and you can take as long or as little time as you need! [$7,500 TOTAL VALUE!] 


  • You will be taught not one digital skill, but TWO. Facebook advertising and Tik tok advertising. And no, this isn't UGC. You aren't the one creating ads, you are managing clients' ad accounts! These are the digital skills that pay the BIG BUCKS! And you'll be learning them from an expert who has managed MILLIONS in advertising spend for clients. This is not a basics 101, this is expert-level training that is rare to come by and something you cannot learn in school. 


  • You will learn how to book HIGH-PAYING clients. This is the hard part and where the majority of other courses fail you. The hardest part is to get people to PAY YOU. And I walk you through the entire process and show you EXACTLY how it's done. This is only knowledge you can get from someone who has done it over and over.  


  • The Ultimate Guide to Ai for business and everyday life: 10 module indepth guide on how to automate and streamline Ai for your business AND everyday life! This guide will arm you with all the knowledge on how to leverage Ai and take advantage of this goldrush era [$2,197 VALUE!] Click here to take a sneak peak of whats in the guide!


  • All the resources you'll need to make your business happen! The EXACT templates, including but not limited to [$2,000 VALUE!]:
    • Cover letter template for client outreach
    • Example upwork profile to attract high-paying clients
    • Proposal template to CLOSE clients
    • Client Contract template to cover the basics
    • Breakdown of a Digital Skill if you don't have one that ANYONE can use with ZERO experience (Tik Tok advertising!)
    • Competitor analysis example to send to clients  
    • Client report template
    • Client pricing package template
    • Scope of services template to send to potential clients
    • Competitor analysis report template to WOW your clients
    • Mock interview with a client
    • Freelancer mock interview
    • Freelancer systems and documents
    • All the best Ai prompts and how to use them for your business 


  • Membership to my private and exclusive mentorship Facebook group that provides you with an instant community of others where you can ask questions and motivate each other! I also answer questions in the group too!  [INVALUABLE!!] 


  • Lifetime access and access to any and all course updates and new resources! You'll always be on the cutting edge of Ai with all the updates. [$1,000 VALUE]


  • FREE EMAIL MARKETING COURSE: A to Z email marketing. Using the Klaviyo platform this email marketing course is over 3 hours of jam-packed knowledge from an expert who has generated millions for her clients. You'll learn everything from email marketing best practices to scaling and optimizing email campaigns and flows. This service will allow you book more clients and allow you to bring in more money! [$2,000 VALUE]


  • FREE TAX INFO BONUS! Taxes can be very daunting and navigating them can be confusing! This is a video on how I navigated through my taxes (I am not a tax expert and this is not tax expert advice!)




"Is this course worth it? Considering this is really a $7,500 value and you have the potential to make back your ENTIRE investment with your first client, I'd say it's worth it!

"Will this work for me?" Nothing great comes easy, and nothing in life is guaranteed. But I can tell you that customers are already booking clients a couple of weeks, even DAYS in. If you apply this framework and execute you WILL succeed. 


Looking for the 12 month payment plan option? CLICK HERE

BUT REMEMBER - NO email marketing and NO tax bonuses. PLUS an additional multiple payment fee of $200


The Afterpay option on this page DOES include all the freebies and is interest-free!



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***** These courses are by NO means a get-rich-quick thing. The courses are a direct step-by-step but ultimately success is up to the students and on them to implement and make happen. If a student is not willing to put in the work to succeed the course is not a right fit for them. These courses are not 1:1 coaching and should never be construed as such. The mentorship group offered is a guidance group and not 1:1 coaching. Every student learns differently and these courses are blueprints but not tailored to each individual student's specific learning needs. Laura Anderson is available for questions after purchasing but not 1:1 coaching or tech support. The courses make NO guarantees or promises on results.


For our refund policy please see our terms and conditions page.


This course has helped me learn I don't need to hustle non-stop to make good money! Now I have more time to spend with my family and so much more freedom!

Christine R.

I never thought it was possible to not work a regular job, I'm so glad I took a chance and ordered this course. Laura is an AMAZING teacher and I'm about to quit my day job and do this full-time!

Rob Ballard

60 days after taking Laura's course I was able to book not one, but TWO clients and have already started to outsource the work! I'm blown away and SO grateful!

Lauren Neymar